Feel Good Friday: Lucky Box Club’s Flowers And Extracts

Photo: milos-kreckovic (Getty Images)

fire: dank, awesome, incredible, exceptional.

Looking for the best so you can leave the rest? We get it. Here at LBC, we enjoy the finer things in life – especially fine cannabis. This week’s haul is filled with some of our top-shelf favorite cannabis flowers & extracts.  

What We’re Smoking:

Photo: Leprechaun Farms

Blueberry from Leprechaun Farms

If you enjoy the mellow high and pain relief of indicas but not the “couch-lock” that usually follows, this is the perfect flower! Organically grown in Grass Valley CA, this fragrant indica-dominant hybrid was our best-seller at our most recent events and is always on deck for some afternoon delight here at Lucky Box Club HQ.  Organically grown by craft family farmers, these flowers NEVER disappoint.

Recommended for those suffering from: pain management issues, insomnia and anxiety