Guy Goes Flying Into Air After Wheelie Attempt Fails

Photo: oneinchpunch (Getty)

I know that all the people who hop on motorbikes and pull off tricks think that the world is giving them kudos, when in fact we are just annoyed that they have slowed down traffic. But if you’re going to take your motorbike into a busy highway, at least make sure you don’t try and pull off any tricks. And if you do, at least make sure you land them quickly because if you don’t you might end up like the bloke in the video below.

An 18-year-old named Brett Sewell was taking part in a huge, 500-bike ‘ride-out’ event when he decided that he was going to try a wheelie. Well that decision was quickly made out to be a horrible one when he ran straight into a quad bike. And let’s just say the results were not pretty.

Take a look at the video below:

Pretty damn brutal.

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According to Brandon Reedy, Sewell’s 18-year-old friend who happened to film the incident, Sewell somehow survived and was rushed to the hospital. Here’s what Reedy had to say:

“Brett tried to do a wheelie but you’re only supposed to do them at the front of the pack, never at the back. I thought he was done. I thought he was dead. It was terrifying. I ran over to him and he wasn’t moving. He was unconscious. We didn’t move him or take off his helmet because we weren’t sure of his injuries.

The other riders kind of moved on as technically it’s not exactly legal to have a ride-out. But I stayed with him until the ambulance and police got there. He was really lucky, but he’s pretty beaten up.”

How beat up? Check this out: two broken ankles, two broken feet, a sprained neck and a broken knee. Yeah, so “pretty beaten up” is an understatement. And according to Sewell, he doesn’t want to touch his bike right now: I’m not even thinking about riding it.,” Sewell says. “It was really scary.” Yeah, we bet.