Why Do Men Like Boobs?

Photo: David Martnez Duncker / EyeEm (Getty Images)

People always criticize us for not exploring some important themes and topics, so we’ve decided to make a change. No longer will people say: “Those Crave Online guys just fool around in their articles.” Today we’re going to answer one of the most intriguing questions in the world – why do men like boobs? Yes, we’re going to tackle this problem head on (or perhaps chest on) and offer you an explanation you can share with your friends and prospective lovers. After all, you need to master the theory first if you want to practice it successfully. So, let us begin.

The Animal Kingdom

As it is with most things relating to sex, you might think that an answer to why men like boobs lies somewhere in our animal ancestry (unless you don’t believe in evolution, in which case you can skip this section altogether). However, you would be wrong. In fact, we seem to be the only species fascinated by breasts, in all shapes and sizes. To animals, they’re just parts of the body used for feeding the young ones. Some scientists believe it has something to do with the way we have sex. Most animals have sex from behind, meaning that the breasts are in no way in focus. With humans it’s different as we’ve pretty much invented the face-to-face sexual encounters like the missionary position. This change is probably what led to the change of focus.

The Human Race

We’ve mentioned this change of focus, but what does that mean? Well, because of our missionary tendencies, the nature decided to give boobs a more prominent role in sex. It is said that humans are the only race where breasts grow larger during puberty to attract the opposite sex and affect overall appeal. We are also the only ones who play around with them and find it incredibly sexually stimulating. According to experts in the field (we’re not sure how you become one, though) around 80 percent of all women find breast fiddling sexually irresistible. This might have to do with certain chemicals that are generally released during breastfeeding and that help establish a connection between a mother and a child. Yes, it sounds weird, but just go with it.

Why Do Men Like Boobs?

This mother-child connection is actually more important than you might think. Certain psychologists claim that men are fascinated with breasts from early childhood. Since breastfeeding plays such an important part in a man’s life, this feeling stays with him and turns into sexual attraction later on. Besides that, the reason why men love boobs could be a biological urge to find a perfect partner. We’re often unaware of some inherent drives that affect how people think and act. This also pertains to choosing a partner. Women with slightly larger hips are generally considered more attractive because they’re more likely to give birth to a child without any complication. In that same manner, women with larger breasts are believed to be more fertile and will provide all the necessary food for the newborn thanks to those magnificent mammaries. Of course, this is just a biological assumption.

Size and Shape

Now that we’ve answered the question “why do men like boobs,” it’s time to see if different sizes and shapes affect their sex appeal. While most men have certain individual preferences (some like big and round breasts, while others prefer smaller, pointy ones) they love them in all shapes and sizes. In fact, it’s the diverse nature of boobs that is so exciting to most men out there. You can never really tell what’s underneath the clothes until you actually see it, so there’s also that element of surprise. It’s like opening a Christmas present but as an adult, obviously. It is worth nothing also that, for most men, breast implants aren’t that exciting. If they’re unnaturally big, they lose their appeal, especially if they don’t move as they should. Fake boobs tend to remain rigid and stationary and that’s really no fun as they were created for bouncing.

Hopefully, we’ve explained some of these difficult concepts so you won’t have to go around asking people around you “why do men like boobs?” We’ve done the work for you. Now, do you have preferences when it comes to shape and size? Let us know in the comment section below.