America’s 10 Weirdest Cults

Screenshot: YouTube

What separates a cult from a religion? That’s a tough question, and not one we’re set up to answer here. Frank Zappa once said “the only difference between a church and a cult is the amount of real estate it owns,” and that’s a pretty good distinction. Churches get tax-exempt status and hold youth groups, while cults have shootouts with the police and get profiled in articles like these. America has been fertile ground for cult activity since the Pilgrims came over seeking religious freedom, and the country has seen hundreds if not thousands of new ones over the last few centuries.

But even though there are tons of cults out there we were able to reel in what we believe are the the ten most bizarre, most weirdest cults we’ve seen. Let’s just say that you should be glad you’ve never found yourself in one of these.

America’s 10 Weirdest Cults

And allow us to add a bonus one: Movementarianism. That’s right. The cult that took over Homer Simpson and the rest of the Springfield residents.

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And it looks like R. Kelly has his own cult, too: R. Kelly Is Allegedly Holding Women Against Their Will As Part Of His ‘Sex Cult’