Spotlight | Catch Waves & Feels With Almond Surfboards

Almond Surfboards is looking for a different type of clientele: the surfer-craftsman. While it may seem like hipster jargon, we are fully on board with this new type of California lifestyle brand.

The company got their start in 2007, but their roots go way further back than that. Just check out the blueprints (which you can purchase) of one of their best selling surfboards: The Lumberjack. The old manufacturing renderings are actually from one of the founder’s great-grandfather’s patent drawings.

On to the good stuff: the actual surfboards are not only highly capable of helping you catch waves, they are art. The boards are hand-built, meant to be timeless both in construction and design, and are made in California.

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But not all of us are surfers, right? Well, Almond has something for us, too. The brand has an incredibly comprehensive lineup of soft goods. The clothing is responsibly produced in Peru, Texas, and, of course, California.

It’s also obvious that this brand has some friends, and ones with good taste. Almond has done some amazing collaborations, from the only leather belt you will need to buy this decade, to a reusable water bottle made with the very respectable No Beach Plastic, and even a very dashing skateboard by Shakastics.

All images courtesy of Almond Surfboards.