Here’s Which Country Has The Most Sexually Satisfied Women

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Hint: it’s not America.

Sex is all about making each other feel great, but sometimes one partner is more interested in getting themselves off before their partner. But now, since there’s a study for everything out there, a study has been revealed that shows which country has the happiest women. And by happiest we mean the most sexually satisfied.

The survey was conducted by VictoriaMilan, which is a dating site for married and attached people looking to have an affair. You know, classy stuff. They asked 6,117 of their female members across 20 countries how long their husbands spend ensuring they reach climax. And while it may come as a surprise here who was number one…


That’s right, folks. Danish men spend, on average, 44 minutes sexually satisfying their partner. And that’s probably why Denmark is such a happy place to live — people care about each other. But hey, America came in at number two with an average time of 41 minutes, so let’s pat ourselves on the back!

Take a look at the rest of the list below:

1. Denmark, 44 minutes

2. US, 41 minutes

3. Finland, 39 minutes

4. Canada, 37 minutes

5. Sweden, 33 minutes

6. Norway, 33 minutes

7. UK, 33 minutes

8. Germany, 32 minutes

9. Czech Republic, 32 minutes

10. Ireland, 31 minutes

11. Austria, 27 minutes

12. Switzerland, 26 minutes

13. Hungary, 25 minutes

14. Poland, 24 minutes

15. Spain, 23 minutes

16. Netherlands, 23 minutes

17. Italy, 23 minutes

18. France, 23 minutes

19. Belgium, 21 minutes

20. South Africa, 15 minutes

South Africa, really? Get yourself together!

h/t Daily Star

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