Ring Girl Booted From Match ‘Because Her Boobs Were Too Big’

Photo: Instagram/Sev Philippou

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Have you heard of a model named Sev Philippou? Of course you haven’t, but Philippou is a ring girl that was all ready to make appearance in a February bout between fighters Danny Green and Anthony Mundine. But guess what? She was given the axe, and according to her it is because her boobs were too big.

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Philippou took it to Facebook to let the world know her boobs were the reason she was given the boot but she was met with ridicule. And now five months later thanks to emails it seems that Philippou was right all along. So take that, internet!

Via The Advertiser 

The details are revealed in email correspondence — obtained under Freedom of Information laws by the Sunday Mail — between promoters and the SA Tourism Commission in the days after the Adelaide Oval blockbuster fight.

But in an email sent to SATC bosses on February 7 — a day after The Advertiser reported Ms Philippou’s claims — promoter Justin Manolikos said “Sev was not chosen, as she did not fit the dress”.

“As I understand, as I was not there, and confirmed by Marion, the white (dress) did fit but the grey not, hence she was not chosen,” Mr Manolikos wrote. “Poor girl obviously trying to get her day in the sun.”

Despite this, promoters chose to blame Ms Philippou’s attitude.

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Well, it looks like Philippou was right all along, and she was actually kicked off the match because of her boobs. We are glad this important matter is cleared up.

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And now we will let Philippou have the final word:

“I am damn proud of my REAL boobs and I refuse to sit quietly and be told I do not fit into a ridiculous standard.”

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