6 Rules of Anonymous Sex

Photo: Jacob Wackerhausen (Getty Images)

After breaking up with a long-term girlfriend, the last thing you need is another serious commitment that will drain the rest of your energy supply and leave you stranded somewhere. What you actually need is a casual relationship with a casual girl or, even better, anonymous sex. Now, when it comes to anonymous sex, there are certain rules you need to follow to make it work. Here are those unspoken rules you need to know to make it all work. Read them out.

No Emotional Attachment

The first and most important thing about anonymous sex is that it needs to be devoid of emotions. You’re there to have sex and enjoy each other physically so don’t ruin it by including emotions. You need to, as they say, leave them at the door. So, what do you do if something does happen? What if you start mixing sexual pleasure with the concept of love? Then, it’s imperative that you talk to your partner about it, let them know how you feel and discuss your options together. The best thing to do in these kinds of situations is to break it off and go your separate ways.

Explore Your Sexuality

Considering you’re both there to have sex, don’t be afraid to give in to your fetishes and tell each other exactly what turns you on. You don’t need to impress anyone. You don’t need to last for hours or buy her dinner before. Just do your best to be a good lover and that’s it. After you’re done, simply leave and she’ll appreciate it. Any unnecessary lingering afterwards will only lead to more questions, uncomfortable glances, and awkward silences. Do both of you a favor, get dressed and walk out (or wait for her to go if it’s your place obviously).

Don’t Tell Your Friends

Friends are an important part of your life and you should always be pretty straightforward with them if you want your friendships to last. However, one thing you should probably omit from your discussion is the anonymous sex you’re having. Sure, bragging to a couple of close friends is alright, but be careful not to include your lover in your social circles. The minute she starts hanging out with you, it stops being a casual, sexual relationship, and you wouldn’t want that.

No Gifts

It’s important not to buy her any gifts while you’re together because they might trigger some emotional response that you don’t want and will lead to a more serious relationship. The only kind of acceptable gifts for your situation are various sex toys and sexy lingerie. As long as the gifts can be used immediately in the room you’re in, it’s OK. Buying a necklace, for example, is bad because it breaks the barriers – she will have something of yours with her at all times. So, a champagne, chocolate, whip cream, strawberries – they’re all fine, just don’t overdo it.

Wear Protection

Since we’re talking about having sex with a stranger here, you’ll need to make sure you have some protection with you for every encounter. Even if you believe that the girl in front of you is absolutely healthy and without any STDs, you still wouldn’t want her to get pregnant. You have to be the responsible one. Sometimes your partner will urge you to go ahead and enter without a condom, but that’s just the passion talking and it’s not worth the risk.

Be Ready to Break It Off

Every time you two leave the bedroom (or whatever is your room of choice), consider it an end of your adventures. Whether you repeat it or not is up to you. The thing is, you need to be able to break it off as soon as it becomes a commitment or a hassle (think Fatal Attraction). That way, you can keep it all light, fun and, most importantly not serious.

Hopefully this set of rules will help you get the best out of anonymous sex. Have you ever tried it? Let us know.