Man of the ‘Gram | 10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts Every Man Should Follow

Photo: Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich (Getty Images).

It may be hard to believe, but social media platforms are not just for selfies, cat memes, and fake news. Launch a focused search in Facebook or Twitter, take a deep browse through Instagram or Pinterest, and honest to gawd you can find people kicking real knowledge, testing the boundaries of their environs, and documenting the beauty that thrives in the world around us.

There is no lack of inspiration out there for inquisitive and aspirational types. Every man looking to up their mental acuity, develop a skill set, or refine their tastes will find ample fodder in the following 10 Instagram accounts.

 10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts Every Man Should Follow:


The Craft Beer Connoisseur

A post shared by Cory Smith (@bkbeerguy) on

If you’re looking for a new brew, Cory Smith is your guy. The NYC based writer and photographer is the editor behind, a long-form website dedicated to the storytelling of craft beer. The Instagram conversely is a snapshot into what they’re drinking, where it comes from, and the good friends who have shared a drink or two along the journey.

 Find him @BKBeerGuy.


The Record Collector

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Not only is @Dadsdiscdelights unbelievably well-curated and features some of our favorite bands of all time (with sound clips), but it is also a moving tribute to one girl’s dad, who was a devout record collector of 72 years. The Instagram is a musical journey through time, complete with album art and tunes that could very well be lost and forgotten if dedicated music fans like this didn’t capture and share.

Find him @Dadsdiscdelights.

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The Master Woodworker

A post shared by Aleksandra Zee (@aleksandrazee) on

If you are interested in art, form and beauty, you will find the work of @aleksandrazee mesmerizing. The wood-working beauty is an artist in an unlikely format, and shares her talents with the masses on her incredibly articulate Instagram as well as in-person. Zee offers workshops at her Oakland, CA studio, and attendees get to learn from the best how to create stunning wood masterpieces.

Find her @aleksandrazee.


The Motorcycle Enthusiast

A post shared by Aaron Brimhall (@aaronbhall) on

Have motorcycle, will travel” should very likely be Aaron Brimhall’s moto. What started as an accidental past time has turned into a full on profession for Brimhall who (it would appear) gets the pleasure of focusing his craft on what is also his favorite activity: riding a motorcycle. Brimhall travels across the world shooting for some of the most well-known businesses and publishers. Truly the savvy businessman, he has also taken a trick of his trade (namely his Adobe Lightroom Presets) and packaged them so that other photographers can enhance and improve their photos.

Find him @AaronBHall.


The Unlikely Road Warrior

A post shared by Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) on

Forest Huntington once had an NYC day job, but now lives in a tree house in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. Resigning from the more traditional daily grind, Huntington bought a van and began to travel the world, documenting it all in what would become numerous successful websites, and ultimately a book, Home Is Where You Park It.

Find him @foresthunting.

The Cyclist Among Us

A post shared by Andy Bokanev (@bokanev) on

American Andy Bokanev grew up in Russia, and it was there that he was first exposed to the sport that would become his passion and his profession. Now he travels the world photographing the action, the landscape, and the details of professional cycling, all while capturing the pain, the pride and the grime of this intense athletic activity. The resulting photos are more then documentations, but artistic renderings  of race life.

Find him @bokanev.

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The DIY Furniture Purveyor

A post shared by Ben Uyeda (@benjaminuyeda) on

Ben Uyeda believes in seeing beauty in the imperfect, but looking at the impressive furniture he has made, it’s almost hard to believe. Still the designer advises us to embrace flaws, and that’s an invaluable recommendation because while Ben designs and produces home goods, his true passion is showing you how. He is a master of DIY, with a focus on using recycled and reusable materials that are durable, sustainable, and – if you can believe it – affordable, too.

Find him @benjaminuyeda.


The Pet-Friendly Outdoorsmen

A post shared by Camping With Dogs® (@campingwithdogs) on

The owners of @campingwithdogs started their endearing website organically, wanting to simply share photos of camping with dogs. Driven by its popularity on the ‘Gram, it has now transformed to include an apparel company.

Find them @campingwithdogs.


The Unexpected Day Job

A post shared by Gregg Boydston (@greggboydston) on

Hotshot crews are specially trained firefighters focused on wildfire suppression tactics, and necessary for places in the U.S. known for hot, dry summer months. Greg Boydston is one of the elite few working in Northern California, risking his life to be at the forefront of fire extinction in settings that are ideal for fire expansion. He also documents this unique and incredibly important post, giving others a rare glimpse at what it looks like to be a fire chaser, and a view of nature not seen by many. He captures not only the flames and the fury, but also the beauty, serenity and un-imagined peace of rarely-charted lands.

Find him @greggboydston.


The Fun Times Crew

A post shared by Whiskey Union (@whiskeyunion) on

Self-described as experimental whiskey makers, we think the boys at @whiskeyunion know more than they let on about whiskey. The creators of three distinct whiskies made in Scotland, you may not be able to buy this appealing product in the states, but you can still admire the greatness of the cocktails concocted.

Find them @whiskeyunion.