Electric Feel | Fluorescent Vibes For All!

Loud colors accentuate the unexpected dichotomy of the boring and the bold, which is something we really appreciate. Take for instance the modest application of fluorescent colors in the new Casio G-Shock Layered Neons collection. Admiring the watches off your wrist, you’ll notice the colorful inner band in all it’s glory. But once you put it on, the watches exhibit just small bright pops of color on the face and band.

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Ahh, the beauty of the G-Shock Layered Neons leave us craving more. So we’ve found some of the best fluorescent applications integrated on totally wearable clothing and accessories, from the vibrant orange bomber jacket by Hotel 1171 to the ecstatic desert theme of the Stussy Cactus Shirt (both pictured above).

With pieces like this, who says you can’t embrace an eclectic, electric feel in your day-to-day wear?