10 People With Insane Allergies

Photo: George Marks/Retrofile (Getty)

The modern world is full of toxins. The days when man lived in harmony with nature have passed us by, and now our bodies are at constant war with pollen, peanuts and millions of other allergens. Doctors still don’t entirely know what causes allergic reactions to such diverse stimuli, but hopefully they figure it out soon. While some of these allergies are common, others are a little more unusual. In this piece, we’ll share with you ten stories from people who are allergic to some very surprising things.

So check out the poor men and women below who have to deal with stuff that you should be grateful you don’t have to deal with. I mean, there is actually a kid on this list that is allergic to food. Food! I can’t even imagine. So go right ahead and read up!

10 People With Insane Allergies

And there you have it. So next time you have a sneezing fit, just remember that it’s not all bad, because you can actually be allergic to water or electricity or even wads of cash.

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