2016 Kitchen Gift Guide | Cooking Gear for Guys

Any man — from the proper gentleman to the average lug — needs to know his way around a kitchen. Not only do cooking skills make his own life better and keep him away from the cheap and lazy habits of dining out or ordering in, they make a man into a better host for his lady friends or anyone else lucky enough to enter his orbit.

The occasional kitchen gadget can make cooking more fun in addition to more efficient. This kitchen gift guide offers a mix of high tech devices and simple machines to make preparing meals easier. We also tossed in a couple things just for fun and immediate gratification.

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We start with an optimistic scenario. Said lady friend from above enjoyed your cooking so much from the night before that she remained overnight to enjoy breakfast. Keep her amazement rolling with a little European touch thanks to KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker. Specializing in creating larger breakfast pastries, precise temperature controls provide burning from prep to prep.

You can catch the rest of our kitchen gift guide in the gallery below.