The 2016 Style Gift Guide | 14 Unique Gifts for Fashion Lovers

‘Tis the season to do some shopping. The holidays are not just the time to eat turkey, drink lots of wine, head out to some holiday parties and rack up some damage on the credit cards, but it is of course when we take the time to tell those we love just how much we care about them. That can all be accomplished with words. But to go the step further with a nice ‘thanks for being in my life’, put some time into buying your special someone(s) incredibly thoughtful presents. We can help.

Picking up a present for the stylish folks in your inner circle can prove challenging. After all, they have a defined stylish aesthetic, they won’t like “just anything”, and there’s always a chance they already picked up that perfect present for themselves. For that reason, we’ve put in extra effort to not only highlight some of our favorite brands, but their very best, and most unexpected, products.

From Herschel Supply Company we present one of their most inventive items in the catalog, a flyknit backpack, and from Mission Workshop, a shirt that could double as a coat, and promises to keep your favorite urban adventurer dry even when it’s wet out. Meanwhile, if you’re not looking to give clothing or accessories, wrap up hyper usable items like a Tool Roll from Winter Session (those wrenches should have a nice home), or some 100% American-made bed sheets from Authenticity 50.

No matter what you decide, just make sure it arrives on time and without a gift receipt – because when you give from the style gift guide, we are confident your present will be very well received.