TruNude Helps Women Create Their Perfect Bra Using Selfies

TruNude is a new Kickstarter campaign that is looking to help women create their perfect bra, by allowing them to use a selfie in order to match its color with their skin tone.

The campaign features a variety of women of color expressing the difficulties they have when looking for a nude bra, with these bras frequently failing to represent a diverse range of skin colors. As such, TruNude has been set up in order to provide bras that are tailored to each individual customer, with them using a selfie provided by the customer in order to create a bra that mimics their skin tone.

The company has been built by Danai L. Pointer, who said that she was inspired to set up TruNude after struggling to find a bra that suited her after she was asked to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding. As such, TruNude caters to women of all different shapes and sizes, with its slogan reading: “The perfect bra is just a selfie away.”

Utilizing selfies to create bespoke clothing is an innovative method currently being employed by a few startups, including Manstery which uses selfies in order to determine the measurements of its customers. TruNude has currently managed to garner nearly $15,000 of its $20,000 goal, with over a week to go before its Kickstarter campaign ends.

Check out the campaign in the video below: