10 Video Games That Will Turn You On

Photo: Comstock Images (Getty)

Since the release of Spacewar in 1962, video games have been intertwined with violence. It’s just too easy to simulate bullets moving through space compared to the complex ballet of human emotions. But some games have dabbled in humanity’s second favorite pastime: Getting your freak on. The earliest sex games date back to 1981’s Softporn Adventure, a text-only tale of romancing a trio of babes, but they’ve gotten significantly fancier since then.

And sure, video games have changed a lot since way by then (and especially since the ’90s), but one thing will always remain the same: Video games make humans better. Oh, but now there is obviously more sex in them.

Here’s a rundown of ten games that deliver the sex in serious doses.

Video Games That Will Turn You On

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