Four Classic Motorcycle Sidecars Found in UK Barn Go Up for Sale

In the sort of find you might see on a reality TV show and never believe was real, a musty old barn in Gloucestershire, UK yielded a classic motorcycle collector’s dream. Four classic bikes with sidecars were hidden inside, offering an estimated total value of about £52,000 (more than $64,000).

1930 BSA Sloper

The motorcycle memories were collected by the barn’s owner, evidently a farming family who loved bikes with that second seat. The four bikes and their extra-wheeled mates were scheduled for a museum that never came to be. So there they sat in their barn. Now, they’re in the hands of H&H Classics and will go up for sale at Donington Park on November 16th.

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Now, they’re in the hands of specialist automotive auction house H&H Classics and will go up for auction at the major sale at Donington Park on November 16th. Obviously, to find one classic motorcycle and sidecar duo in an old barn within the far-flung UK countryside would be special. Finding far bucks “needle and haystack”odds. So, the sale should generate some buzz for international buyers.

1925 Quadrant

The four bikes in original condition include: A 1932 BSA G12 Combo used by the Bath City Police (top) valued at about £18,000; a 1930 BSA Sloper Combo (second from top) valued at about £8,000; a 1925 Quadrant Combo (third from top) valued at about £12,000 and a 1924 AJS Model D Combo (bottom) valued at bout £14,000.

1924 AJS

All four motorcycle sets will go up for bids during the next edition of H&H Classics bike sales next month. Those unable to attend should go find a barn to explore.