Here’s What Men Think About Boobs

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Here's What Men Think About Boobs
The booty has officially had its heyday. In fact, some would argue the days of the booty haven’t gone anywhere. But what do men think about boobs these days? I’m a professed butt man myself, but that doesn’t mean we appreciators of the fairer gender should overlook the beauty of a woman’s breasts in these, the celebratory days of the derriere.

This declaration led me to ask 10 dudes what they really think about women’s breasts. And though many took the high road and spoke rather earnestly about the topic, others took a humorous approach to a breast’s beauty, yet actually reached profound conclusions. Ultimately though, you will find that men, no matter their age or lifestyle, appreciate breasts of all shapes and sizes. Some have preferences (as everybody does) but there’s no denying that all men are appreciative of every breast. Which is the way it should be. See the responses below.

Here's What Men Think About Boobs
Say No To Silicone
Women seem to think that boobs need to be big, but that’s really not the case at all. I admire breasts of all sizes, as long as they have a good shape and aren’t saggy. The worst kind of boobs are fake ones. Sure, they may look good in a dress, but when you feel them and they feel like rocks — that’s not attractive. – Bob, 45

Big Is Good, As Long As They’re Not Too Big
They’re better when they’re real. I prefer them on the bigger side, but not huge. AD or DD is great. I don’t mind if they aren’t even or “perfect.” I just want them real and fun and bouncy. And I want a woman to be proud of them. That’s the biggest turn-on — when a woman likes her breasts. – Jonathan, 42

Here's What Men Think About Boobs
Size Doesn’t Matter — Unless They’re Moobs
When I conducted my own research on men’s sexual attitudes, I asked specifically about boobs, butts, legs, feet and arms. When it came to boobs, I discovered size wasn’t an issue, as just as many men liked little ones as big ones, and fans of one size or another would be happy with either size as long as they liked the woman. In the comment section on boobs, the best comment was: The only bad boob is a moob (man boob)! – Phil, 32

A Good Boob Should Be ‘Fun’
I think the obvious answer you will receive is that larger boobs are better. But I think that answer could be too general. Some breasts really do look more “fun” than others. A woman with medium-sized, fun breasts, will beat a large-breasted woman any day. What makes breasts fun? A lot of things. For instance, I like breasts that are round, this doesn’t necessarily mean large.

I think women need to be willing to show some skin. I like women who are comfortable with who they are. So that typically means women who are okay with their cleavage. In my own experiences, I’ve seen how different clothing can affect the same pair of breasts. This doesn’t necessarily mean wear something skimpy. If you can get a man to wonder what’s underneath, you’ve won him over. So wear something that accomplishes that. Also, there are certain nipples that just do it for me. I don’t know if I can even put it into words. I don’t think I’ve ever been turned off by a woman’s nipples. Maybe once. But there are certain ones that have taken me over the edge. – DJ, 24

Here's What Men Think About Boobs
Proportion Helps
#1: The breast should not enter the room before it’s owner! #2: The breast should age as the owner ages. #3: The nipple should not hang lower than the lowest crease of the breast. #4: The nipple and surrounding pigmented portion (the areola) shouldn’t be any bigger than the bottom of medium cup of coffee. But, as should be the case: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. – Ricky, 37

For Some, A Modest Chest Is Best
Big biceps are like C-cup boobs for men, and the guys that really show them off are usually narcissistic bung-holes I don’t want to know. Therefore, women who do the same thing with their bodacious mammaries are the gender equivalent of these tools, in my opinion. Hence, small breasted women, preferably those with awesome cone shaped super sensitive nipples or tiny areolas are usually some of the sweetest, and most interesting females on planet Earth. Find them! – Tim, 39

Here's What Men Think About Boobs
The Best Breasts Are Those That Are Available
I am an internationally recognized artist, photographer and designer. I have drawn, painted, sculpted, photographed and enjoyed breasts most of my life. Here is what a lifetime of admiring breasts has taught me: While characteristics like symmetry, fullness and tone are important, the main characteristic for most men is availability. – Pablo, 68

Here's What Men Think About Boobs
Waste Not, Want Not
Any more than a handful is a waste! – Randolph, 23

All Boobs Are Good Boobs!
#1: No matter the size or shape of them, they are always fun to look at and/or play with. #2: The areola and nipples are a huge turn on for most men. #3: Cleavage is the greatest teaser! – Charles, 36

Here's What Men Think About Boobs
Smaller Boobs Are Better To ‘Play’ With
I like all sizes, although I prefer smaller ones because they’re easier to play with during foreplay and sex. The only breasts I don’t like are the overly large size (i.e. 52E or whatever). When I was younger things were different, but now with a second wife and more sensible hormones, this is what I like. – Robert, 54

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