Jennifer Lawrence Is Dating Joel Edgerton

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence seems pretty excited about it in the banner pic, but she’s apparently dating Red Sparrow co-star Joel Edgerton. Per Daily Mail:

On Wednesday, The Daily Telegraph claimed ‘rumours are swirling throughout Hollywood’ that the 27-year-old Oscar winner is dating the Australian actor, 43. The pair have been seen putting on a series of flirty displays in recent weeks as they promote their new film together.  According to the newspaper, ‘the co-stars are often seen having private moments, chatting and giggling together’. During their latest public appearance in New York on Monday night, the pair looked cosy as Joel wrapped his arm tightly around Jennifer’s waist.

So are they dating or just banging? Either way, history shows the best way to do both with Jennifer Lawrence is to be in a movie with her or direct a movie she’s in. If Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t famous she’d be that woman who finds her soulmate in the office where she works. Well, maybe not the office because she didn’t graduate high school. She’d definitely fall in love with her Bojangles’ day manager though.