Ashley Graham Is Here Again

Ashley Graham


You people keep asking why I don’t post Ashley Graham stuff, and I thought I was pretty clear on that, but I hope this post will stop the voices in your head telling you to contact me. I don’t want any mass shootings on my hands. So here’s Ashley Graham and I think her boyfriend. This might be the happiest black guy on the planet. Kanye doesn’t even smile this much and he’s basically married to Black Guy Sex Doll #1. But I think Ashley Graham is the Nexus 6 of Black Guy Sex Dolls. All she’s working with is real instead of injected by a team of Miami surgeons. I wonder if Kanye regrets his purchase. Oh, this is Ashley Graham at the Revlon Live Boldly launch event in case you wanted to know or cared. My man is happy though. Perhaps I’ve been mistaken. I will take this opportunity to grow as a person.