Chris Pratt Is Banging Olivia Munn Maybe

Chris Pratt


I guess when you’re overweight and a side character on a network TV show, you have to marry Anna Faris, but when you start working out and become the star of movies you get to bang Olivia Munn. I’m talking about Chris Pratt if you didn’t  read the headline.

Looks like Chris Pratt is moving on — with Olivia Munn. The 38-year-old actor was spotted enjoying a “romantic” dinner with Munn in Los Angeles on Friday, an eyewitness tells ET. The pair dined at popular Hollywood restaurant Craig’s in West Hollywood, California.  According to ET’s eyewitness, Pratt and Munn, 37, were alone, and acting “totally romantic.” “He had his arm around her at one point,” the eyewitness says, adding that it didn’t look like the two were trying to hide their PDA.

There’s lots of words in quotations marks in this exclusive report, so it kinda reads like it’s bullshit. Also, Olivia Munn has already denied it and shared a text message between her and Anna Faris. In conclusion, this seems like a lot of work to shoot down a dating rumor, so they’re totally banging. Or they’re not. Let’s move on to something else.