Keira Knightley Said Harvey Weinstein Was “Always Very Professional”

Keira Knightley


In an interview with Variety, Keira Knightley sat down to talk about her new movie, Colette, but since she’s a woman, they had to ask her about the #MeToo/#TimesUp/Harvey Weinstein stuff, because I guess that’s what you have to ask every woman in Hollywood now when she wants to talk about something else. She made a few movies with The Weinstein Company and was asked if Harvey ever tried to Weinstein her.

My experience with Harvey Weinstein was always very professional. He was very good on the films we made. I was aware of his reputation of being a bully. He was famous for phoning people in the middle of the night and screaming at them. He didn’t do that to me, and he certainly never asked me for massages or anything like that. I wasn’t aware of any allegations or rape or sexual assault against him. For the first time people are sharing their stories. People have been absolutely terrified to talk about it and were scared of retribution, so I don’t think everybody knew the extent of what was going on.

Of course every woman’s experience is different, and I’m happy Keira Knightley didn’t have to suffer because of Weinstein’s fat ass, but I thought he would have better taste than this. Keira Knightley is pretty hot.