Chinese People Hate Gigi Hadid Now

Gigi Hadid


A few days ago, Victoria’s Secret announced that their show will be broadcast from Shanghai, China. I don’t know either. What we do know: Chinese would rather Mao Tse-tung show up than Gigi Hadid. Allow the great ONTD to explain:

In case you missed it: Back in February, Bella Hadid posted a video of Gigi imitating a Buddha cookie by squinting her eyes on Instagram. Present day: Victoria’s Secret confirmed a few days ago that their upcoming show will take place in Shanghai for the first time, and Gigi announced on her Instagram that she will be doing her version of walking in it. Many Chinese people have not forgotten the Buddha cookie video, and have been calling on VS to remove her from the show on social media, as well as letting her know she is not welcome in China. She has since disabled comments on her Instagram announcement post, but her other photos are being flooded with snake and chicken emojis (chicken in Chinese is slang for prostitute), with many comments calling her racist. Some commenters are going as far as reporting Gigi to the Chinese government to ban her from entering, and are spreading the link on social media.

I squinted my eyes during the solar eclipse, so I hope the moon doesn’t call me a whore in my Instagram comments.


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