Katy Perry Apologized For Cultural Appreciation Or Something

Katy Perry


Katy Perry has album to promote that isn’t selling, so I guess she’ll keep talking about Taylor Swift until Taylor Swift talks to her. Oh, and it’s 2017 and Katy Perry is white, so that meant she had to sit down with a black person and apologize for trying a hairstyle.



I could have just posted the thumbnail for this video and you’d probably figure out what was happening here. Deray would rather get lynched that take that damn vest off. The actual discussion and apology was a useless waste of time, because well, the usual.  Anyway, we’d could speed this whole thing along if people understood the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Pretty soon white people will telling black people they can’t fly on airplanes or use the Internet because white people invented them, and until black people get a white friend to explain that to them, race relations will never improve. Yes, this is how dumb you sound. I’d much rather we will join forces in unity to speak out against Katy’s new hairstyle.