Kim Kardashian Is Very Self-Aware, Totally Truthful

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The whole Kardashian family sat down with Negro Barbara Walters on Sunday, and Kim Kardashian answered questions about her sex tape. Because it was such a shameful time in her life, you see. People reports:

“Would you be where you are had there not been a sex tape?” Oprah Winfrey asked Kardashian on Sunday’s Oprah’s Next Chapter. “You know, I think that’s how I was definitely introduced to the world,” Kardashian, 31, said of the sex tape, which was the focus of a lawsuit until she settled with Vivid Entertainment to distribute it. “It was a negative way, so I felt like I really had to work ten times harder to get people to see the real me.” Shooting down the long-lived rumor she released the tape herself, she says she’s always been concerned about “humiliating the family,” including mom Kris Jenner, 56, stepfather Bruce Jenner, 62, sisters Kourtney, 33, Khloé, 27, Kendall, 16, Kylie, 14, and brother Rob, 25, who joined her on the special. When it was released, she said, she turned to her mom, panicked. It was a “really bad day” mom Kris Jenner recalls. “No mother ever wants to hear something like that,” Jenner said earlier in the interview. “I could tell she was in a lot of pain.” Still, she told her daughter, “We can get through anything.”

Ooh, way to go for the throat Oprah then immediately back off and let her play the victim, because I assume that was the plan in the pre-production meetings. Ok, let’s just pull the Band-Aid off this bitch and let everybody know what actually happened. Kris Jenner forced Kim Kardashian to make a sex tape then release it. There. Now you know. “I think that’s how I was definitely introduced to the world”? No, bitch. You were introduced to the world as the fat ass following Paris Hilton around like a rescue puppy in 2005, but you know, there wasn’t any money in that. Look, I’m sorry that your mother is an insidious famewhore who thought the best way to become famous was to make her daughter catch a load in the mouth, but please stop pretending this wasn’t just as calculated and manipulative as everything else you do. Nobody buys it anymore. Well, except for impressionable teenage girls who think getting mouth fucked is a sure fire way to stardom. Wait, that part can stay. That part can totally stay.