Ashlee Simpson Is A Great Ex-Wife

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In the midst of their divorce, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were spotted together twice over the weekend leading many to believe a reconciliation was in the works. Nope. Ashlee Simpson just gave him one last pity fuck before she took her vagina talents to South Beach. Or wherever. TMZ reports:

Ashlee Simpson feels badly that Petz Wentz is hurting over their impending divorce, and that’s why she spent time with Pete over the weekend — she is NOT getting back together with him. Ashlee and Pete hit up In-N-Out and Taco Bell, but there is no reconciliation. Pete is leaving town today for a month-long series of concerts, and she wanted to boost his spirits before he left. Our sources say Pete never wanted the divorce and would get back with Ashlee in a second, but she definitely wants out of the marriage. They’re both trying to stay on good terms for the sake of their son, Bronx.

Ashlee tried to make it work for the kid, and now that the kid’s skull is fully formed, it’s time to move on. Why? Mostly because Pete Wentz wears skinny jeans and did a video once where he showed guys the proper way to apply eyeliner. So if you think he was breaking Ashlee off right, sorry. Ashlee could lock Pete and Christine Teigen in a closet for five hours and, at worst, come back to find them painting each others toenails and talking about Zac Efron.