Lauren Summer Lets It All Hang Out While Minding Those Pesky Censorship Laws

Photo: via Pinterest

Lauren Summer isn’t alone when it comes to getting flagged for inappropriate behavior. After all the #MeToo moments and #freethenipple advocates on Instagram, you’d think people would be over a little partial nip-slip. Still, Lauren has to taint her Instagram with etchings and emoji hearts to appease the folks who follow (but also report) her.

News bulletin: Nudity and art are not mutually exclusive, especially if done tastefully. Next thing you know, they’re going to tell us smoking is bad for you! Well, they’re going to have a field day with the photo below then. It’s 2018, people, let it all hang out.

Now have a look at even more sexy, censored photos of Lauren Summer abiding by the laws of Instagram. You’ll find zero foul play, and isn’t it a tragedy? When you’re done with that, check out more beautiful women making awesome art on Instagram.

We’re curious how these Insta-reporters feel about National Go Topless Day (NSFW).


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