Professional Figure Skater Maddison Bullock Is Now Taking On Hollywood

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If you haven’t heard the name Maddison Bullock, keep an eye out for her because she is about to make a major mark on Hollywood and land on your radar.

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The 25-year-old, from Colorado, grew up training at the Olympic Training Center, and has been skating nationally and internationally for 15 years. But after attending UCLA and competing on their figure skating team, Bullock got “bitten by the film bug.”

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Here’s what Bullock told us about how she was inspired to get into the movie business:

“One of my favorite aspects of skating has always been the unique duality of athleticism and artistry. My creative training and instincts as a professional figure skater really translated over nicely to the unique creative demands of realizing a feature film for the screen.

As a young skater, with the exception of the incredibly well done hockey- figure skating love story, The Cutting Edge, I was always often disheartened by the lack of authentic figure skating films available for the masses.

I was determined to create a film that was both warm and family friendly, but also had that sexiness that all great sports film have that make you want to get up, get out, and go for it! I obsessed tireless over my selection of music in the film to reflect this. I didn’t want the audience to be bored with stereotypical classical skating music.

Also, figure skaters are truly a magnificent breed of athlete in that they can be soft and delicate but also tough as nails and powerful, therefore, I wanted real skaters to see their uniqueness recognized in the picture.

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And just like that Ice the Movie was born.

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Bullock can now add film producer, writer and actress to her resume. And while Bullock is still skating (she played Princess Jasmine for ‘Aladdin on Ice’), she now says that “movies are my life now.”

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And believe it or not Bullock has even found the time to add hockey on her resume as she’s learning how to do that as well.

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Ice The Movie is available in the US and the UK on Amazon and worldwide on Vimeo. Bullock can also be found on Netflix in the sci-fi hit Stasis and on iTunes in the comedy feature Highway to Havasu. Bullock is also currently shooting a  female driven thriller called Lioness.

And we’ll leave you with some final words from Bullock:

“If you don’t see what you want, invent it, create it, just DO it.”