Nude Model In Body Paint Does Yoga In Public For A Very Appreciative Bunch

Photo: Pavel1964 (Getty Images)

Jen the Body Painter is pretty damn good at her job as one of the perks is painting nude women. She even painted a model once and then sent her off on a Tinder date. But this time around Jen decided to paint up her friend Ali and have her do some yoga in the middle of the busy Inner Harbor district in Baltimore, Maryland. And let’s just say that people didn’t notice right away…

Ali had some blue paint applied to her by Jen and took her new “workout outfit” to the streets to perform some yoga. Check out the video below:

I wonder what would have happened if it would have rained…

Ali even shared a photo of the process on her Instagram:

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There’s a few things this video proves: that Jen is great at what she does. And that doing this sort of prank is an easy way to real in creeps.

Here are just a few other works that Jen has done, too:

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And hey, if this isn’t your thing, maybe dogs doing yoga is more up your alley: