Kate Beckinsale And Her Boobs Sure Know How To Make An Appearance

Photo: Instagram/Kate Beckinsale

How impressed are you with another one of my fantastic headlines? Very impressed? I figured. Now let’s get to why you all clicked.

At 44-years-old Kate Beckinsale is still turning heads and dropping jaws — and that usually happens anytime she steps out. That is why people had to stop and stare when the English actress showed up at the Billboard Music Awards and when Beckinsale was all about the sideboob at the Gotham Film Awards. And while she wasn’t attending any awards show this time around, she was just out and about. And oh, she just reminded everyone that she knows how to make an appearance.

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And look at that dude’s face — just holding an umbrella knowing he won’t ever have a shot with the actress. Then again he is closer to her than anyone of us will ever be. Let’s take a moment to check out more of Beckinsale’s outfit that sunny day.

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Need more of Kate? Of course you do. So check these out now thanks to Kate’s Instagram.

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What a lady.

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