Hilary Duff’s Boob Spills Out Of Her Top On Episode Of ‘Younger’

Screenshot: TV Land

I don’t know anyone who watches Younger, but this scene alone might help reel in some new viewers, that’s for sure.

While the TV Land show is currently on its fourth season already, not many people know about it or watch it, but here’s what you need to know: Hilary Duff is in it. Hilary Duff is hot. You should all watch it because Hilary Duff is hot and in it.

And if that’s not enough of a reason to watch just know that the latest episode of the comedy features the 29-year-old actress return home after a one-night stand with a stranger until to be informed by her best friend that her boob is hanging out.

Here’s are quite the screenshots.

hilary duff3

Screenshot: TV Land

hilary duff 1

Screenshot: TV Land

hilary duff2

Screenshot: TV Land

Well then, that certainly looks like the first time the former Disney actress has let her goods spill out on screen. And here’s hoping it’s not the last.

And since you’ve now seen the screenshots, it’s only right we show you the clip. Check it out below.

h/t Daily Mail

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