10 Hot Russian Women To Follow On Instagram

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage(Getty Images)

These days Russia is back in the media with highly negative connotations, being regarded as that evil empire opossing the United States, but we wanted to focus on the brighter sides of the largest country in the world. The female side. Gathered for you we have 10 hot Russian women to follow on Instagram, models, actresses, athletes and other public personas.

When you’re finished with hitting that follow button you’ll finally understand why everyone has a dash cam in Russia.

Hot Russian Women

Anfisa Chekhova

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A classic beauty, this Moscow-born actress, and a TV host was born in 1977 yet she still looks very youthful and has a banging curvaceous body while not trading in on elegance. Back in the day, this brunette hosted the show called Sex with Anfisa Chekhova, and luckily, today is very active on Instagram where she has a million followers.

Nina Kraviz

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Perhaps an unexpected entry for some, as a Nina Kraviz is a techno DJ and a one that doesn’t base her success on her looks or a sexual gimmick. From the freezing Siberia, this fireball of energy is a true master at what she does and also incredibly cute besides it. You’ll get much more than selfies from Nina’s Instagram profile.

Daria Konovalova

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Born in 1990, Daria Konovalova is one of Russia’s rising models, committed to her job as she moved to New York for it, where she still lives with her daughter. The blue-eyed brunette started her public journey in a Russian beauty competition, and Dasha has come a long way since it, meaning that her Insta profile is stacked.

Viki Odintcova

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Insanely cute Viki Odintcova is what you might consider an Instagram model, but she is a ludicrously successful one as the brunette has 3.8m followers! The 22-year-old is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a ridiculously curvaceous body to go with her angelic face, and it’s impossible to find her a flaw in her 694 photos.

Irina Shayk

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The most famous of hot Russian women, the former girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo has become a stand alone celebrity and one of the rare supermodels of modern times. Seductive blue eyes combined with the full lips are enough of a reason Irina has 8.4 million people following her on Instagram, and when you add her prototype perfect body we’re surprised it’s not more.