Here’s Kim Kardashian (And Her Bare Boobs) Hanging Out At A Pool Yesterday (NSFW Photos)

If you are vacationing in Mexico right now, odds are you are about to regret your decision to save six or seven bucks by staying at the Mexican version of a Hampton Inn instead of ponying up some real dough for once to stay at the resorts where people who matter–like Kim Kardashian–decide to shack up.

Well if that’s you, I’m sorry, but you really dicked up this time around. While you watched from the sideline as the staff at your hotel pool was busy trying to coax a homeless guy out of the pool, just think, you could have been sipping on Mai Tais poolside where Kim was running around in what she considers to be a swimsuit.

So yeah, odds are you are currently pretty pissed about missing that. Luckily for all of us, though, somebody snapped a few pics and threw them up on the World Wide Web for all to see.

Here’s a much needed closer look.

Now check the uncensored version out thanks to this Twitter post (Warning: NSFW):

h/t Barstool Sports

Kate Upton? White shirt? Getting out of a pool? Um, yes please: Kate Upton Getting Out Of A Pool (Gloriously NSFW GIF)