Salma Hayek And Susan Sarandon Enjoy Each Other’s Boobs In Selfie

Hey, if we admire them, then there’s no harm in them admiring each other.

While at the Cannes Film Festival, Salma Hayek and Susan Sarandon thought it would be a great idea to not only take a selfie together, but to take one of them looking at each other’s boobs. And you know what? It was a fantastic idea.

Check out the selfie below thanks to Hayek’s Instagram:

Salma: “Susan, you are bigger than me!” Susan Sarandon: “Of course I am…” #cannes #friends #susansarandon

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Just a reminder that Hayek is 49 years old and Sarandon is 69. And hell, Sarandon isn’t afraid to flaunt her goods at that age because she did it at this year’s SAG awards, too.

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