Zoo Today Unloads a Dozen Babes in Their ‘Girls of Zoo’ 2015 Calendar

Zoo Today has always been good to us, but now they’re bringing the best belated holiday gift of all, the “Girls of Zoo” 2015 calendar featuring a dozen deliciously beautiful Zoo babes. Expect to see familiar faces (and curves) from Mandatory favorites like Holly Hagan, Leah Francis, Daisy Watts, Alice Goodwin and Jodie Marsh. Oh, who are we kidding? We have to give shoutouts to Jessica Kingham, Melissa Debling, Caitlin Wynters and Lucy Collett too, obviously. Oh! And we clearly can’t forget Sophie Reade or Rachel Williams (that would be rude and absurd). That leaves just one, Chanelle Hayes, and you can bet your sweet ass we’ll have her in the Mandatory club this time next week. Check out Zoo Today’s “Girls of Zoo” 2015 calendar promo before it’s too late (it’s never too late). And did we mention, they’re all insanely voluptuous?