Valorie Darling

Valorie Darling is an actress and photographer, probably best known for her appearance on the web series “#AwkwardMornings,” though she has also appeared on “The Flip Side” and “Wedding Band,” among other projects. 

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Valorie Darling described herself on Twitter as “Former Oregon cheerleader, diy queen, founding member of SoCal HeARTS, actor, photographer, lifestyle blogger.”


Per imdb, she co-founded the non-profit Helping Hearts and raised over $15,000 for Romanian orphans. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest and was Miss Fitness Washington Teen 2003. She later attended the University of Oregon where she majored in Political Science and Journalism.


Her background in dance and gymnastics landed her a scholarship on the Duck cheerleading squad. While there, she was the team’s captain for two years and won USA Nationals. Valorie Darling also landed in the pages of Sports Illustrated as “Cheerleader of the Week.”


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She said a big misconception about cheerleaders is that “we are not a sport! Cheerleading is more than cute girls and big hair. Our sport incorporates gymnastics, dance and acrobatics.” She told SI that when not cheerleading, she is “obsessed with making to-do lists.” At the time, she saw herself in ten years with a family, a great career and continuing with charity work.


Valorie Darling is a fan of The Fray, Jack Johnson, and anything country. A bit of trivia: she likes her French fries extra crispy. Her favorite activities include scrap booking, traveling, decorating, and spending time with friends and family. She added that every woman should have “a man in her life that treats her like a queen!”


As for her photography business, she loves to capture people in love. “There’s this incredible energy that surrounds a couple in love that can’t be contained.”


Valorie Darling resides in Los Angeles and is currently single.

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