Katrina Laverne Taylor, or as she is known professionally, Trina, is an American rapper. She has sold over two million records worldwide and has over a decade of success under her belt. She is sometimes known as Miami’s “Diamond Princess” or “Da Baddest Chick.”

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  • D.O.B. December 3, 1978
  • Age40
  • Hometown Miami, Florida
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town Miami, Florida
  • Height5' 2"
  • Hair Color Darkhaired
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • Ethnicity African-American
  • Job Rapper/Songwriter/Model
  • Twitter @TRINArockstarr
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status Single


Trina grew up in Liberty City and Pembroke Isle, Florida and attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School. She spent her weekends traveling to the Bahamas, where her mother is from. As a teen, Trina spent time in her mother’s beauty saloon and got her dose of gossip and advice about men. By 17, she was signed to Slip ‘N Slide records and by 19 she released a single with Trick Daddy.


In her bio, Trina said her mother was a symbol of strength to Trina. “My whole career has been a journey filled with obstacles, growth, passion, pain and success. I am happy to continue to evolve and allow the world to see this same evolution as a Business Woman, an Entrepreneur and just as a WOMAN.”


Trina rose to prominence after her appearance on Trick Daddy’s single “Nann Nigga” in 1998. She has since released five studio albums. She has been nominated and won many awards including the BET Awards for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Ace Awards Power of Influence, BMI Urban Awards, and the Billboard Music Award, among others.


Her albums include “Da Baddest Bixxh,” “Diamond Princess,” “Glamorest Life,” “Still Da Baddest,” and “Amazin.”


Trina has also appeared in a variety of publications, including Zone, King, Sister, XXL, Ozone, Source, Urban Ink, Black Men and more.


Trina is a mix of Dominican and Bahamian descent.


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Trina said the key to longevity is “Dedication to yourself and hard work most importantly!” And as for competition, “I think competition is great…if you don’t have anybody to compete against then how would you know the steps to get better or how good you are. I think that for women you have to know what works for you and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.”


Trina has been romantically linked with Lil’ Wayne and NBA player Kenyon Martin. She looks for “confidence and respect” in a man. “I love when a man praises his mom, grandmother or sister. To me that means you have that tenacity to love and adore a woman.” Regarding sex on a first date, Trina said, “Absolutely no! There is no excuses, there is no ‘I was on Ciroc’…nothing. That is total lust, disrespect and not a good situation…I don’t know you, you don’t me.”


As for hobbies, Trina is addicted to going to the spa. “I like jet skiing, water sports and bowling.” Her turn offs include “chewing gum. I hate it when people pop gum, it drives me insane.” Her favorite food is seafood.


Trina resides in Miami, Florida.

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