Tori Black

Born Michelle “Shellie” Chapman, Tori Black is a porn star and former Penthouse Pet of the Month for December 2008. She entered the porn biz in 2007 and has appeared in over 200 adult films since then. Her measurements are 34B-27-37. 

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Growing up, she came "from a dirt poor family. We lived in rural Washington…hick-bumblef*ck-nowhere is where Tori Black came from.” She said she had her first girl-girl experience when she was 12. “I had a 12-girl orgy. Instead of twelve candles on my cake, I had 12 vaginas on my face!” ( She recounted her first blowjob was at the age of 12, too. “It was the worst.”


In high school, she said she was nominated an honorary black woman because she knew hip-hop and “because I have a fat ass!”


Tori Black got into the business in Florida, and then she moved to Los Angeles. She got into porn because she was “a very sexual person. This is a way for me to gain some power back. A lot of girls who are coming-of-age experience pressure to be sexual when they’re not ready. I gave into it. I twisted it around in my head so that it filled voids that I had. If a guy wanted me, it filled a void.”


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Tori Black has a five-pointed star with interlocking rings on her lower right abdomen. “I drew it myself, and it has a very profound meaning to me.” She says she is “quite shy” in her personal life” and she likes to keep her personal life and her professional life separate.


As for racism in the porn industry, Tori said, “It’s pretty incredible that there are a lot of girls in the industry that do charge more [for interracial scenes], and I think that’s disgusting.”


In 2011, Tori gave birth to her first child. That same year she won the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year. She said “My family is number one above career any day.”


She wrote in 2012, “I have a novel that I’ve been working on since I was a teenager…it’s hard for me to read. It’s hard to accept what I’ve experienced…I was a very ugly person for a long time.” That same year she was arrested for domestic battery after getting into a fight with her child’s father, Lyndell Anderson.


Down the line she said she’d like to get into journalism. “I’m trying to establish a cushion financially so I can lay back on the work for a while.” Tori Black resides in North Hollywood, California.

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