Taylor Stevens

Taylor Stevens is a Canadian adult model and webcam girl. She used to be a BBW (“Big Beautiful Women”) model but since 2006 has worked to slim down. She used to be almost 300 pounds, but lost 170.

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Taylor Stevens' measurements are a staggering 36FFF-29-36. She is a mix of Caucasian and Middle Eastern ancestry. As she said on modelmayhem, “This is my career and I am loving every single second of it.”


She said, “I was always a bigger chesty girl. I started developing at age 9.” She was the girl who always got her bra strap pulled in elementary school; in high school she was a D cup. “I noticed the profound effect my breasts had on men and women,” and she followed the 'if you got it, flaunt it' path.


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Her nicknames growing up included Juggs to Big Stack Stevens.


Before Taylor Stevens got into adult modeling, she went to school. She also worked “for the head office in upper management for a very prominent cell phone company.” She got a degree in criminology and criminal justice while she was webcaming at night.


Her first webcam experience was “easy. Natural…I had a bit of nerves, but as soon as that green light went on the cam, I was like, ‘Wow.’ It was like I knew it was what I was meant to do. I loved it. The fans were great and I just kept building and building.”


Taylor Stevens is bisexual. “I have always loved women and am very open-minded.” She also likes to cook and travel. She said, “Vegas is a part of me; I love going there and partying it up.”


She is a huge poker player, as well as a UFC fan. “My story is pretty much the one of a young girl gone wild.”


In 2013, she unleashed her breasts at the King’s hockey game in an effort to distract the opposing team. She said, “I had no idea it was gonna blow up and become such a viral and crazy ride.


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Taylor told complex.com that she was battling cancer.


Taylor Stevens said, “People are always gonna have something to say. When I was bigger, they called me fat. When I was skinny, they called me too skinny. I’ve been called ugly and big-nosed. That’s my dad’s nose. He passed when I was six so I won’t ever change it. It’s part of me and I love it. It adds character.”


Taylor Stevens resides in Toronto, Canada. To see more of Taylor Stevens (NSFW), check out her official site.

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