Sydney Barlette

Sydney Barlette is an American Playboy model. She is both a cybergirl and former "Coed of the Month" for the magazine. 

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Sydney Barlette was born in Houston, Texas on February 15, 1989. Back in 2010, when she was named "Coed of the Month" in Playboy for the month of June, she was also a communications major at the University of Houston. A very goal-oriented individuals, she hoped to put her degree to good use at either a magazine or TV station when she graduated. However, with looks and a body such as hers, it seems implausible to think of her communication degree as much more than a back-up, as the young blonde could easily heat up the pages of Playboy for years to come.


While attending college, Sydney very much lived the coed life, telling Playboy in interviews that she would often partake in what she described as random naked pillow-fights with friends at school. She also mentioned a specific frat party she went to while in attendance where the theme was "Anything But Clothes." Of course, this did not mean it was a naked party, but one where you just weren't allowed to cover your body in actual clothing, and would instead have to make use of such materials as garbage bags or shrink wrap. Sydney told Playboy that she went dressed in Keystone beer boxes that she fashioned into a mini dress. However, the boxes began falling apart by the end of the night, which left many a lucky frat boy quite satisfied.


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Sydney sports a healthy, gorgeous set of 32DD breasts. Obviously, working as a model for Playboy means she shows them off often, too. According to Sydney, though, "I don’t mind being naked and couldn’t be happier with the way everything’s turned out!" Now that her coed days have passed, she recently became Playboy's "Cybergirl of the Week" in January 2012. She's also began focusing on her acting as of late, as well as became certified as a personal trainer. 

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