Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is an Australian supermodel. She is also a famous television personality, as well as a lawyer. 

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Sophie Turner was born in Melbourne, Australia on April 30, 1984. The youngest of four, her and her sibling were raised in a family of strict morals and values. As a result of this, she was forced to focus primarily on academics, which would eventually lead not only to graduating high school at the top of her class, but in the top 0.02 percent of the country. With her tremendous grades, she was able to any school she wanted. Therefore, she attended the prestigious Flinders University School of Law.


At this point, you may be wondering how in the world such a smart, talented young woman studying law ended up as one of Australia's hottest and most recognizable supermodels. Put quite simply, Sophie's natural good looks were like a target on her back to scouts for the Ford Models’ Supermodel of the World competition. Shortly after her schooling began, she was instead whisked away to star on the reality series, "Search for a Supermodel." A clear crowd favorite from the jump due to her confidence, stellar looks, and wacky antics, she easily won the Network Ten series' grand prize of a $250,000 modeling contract with Ford Models. This, of course, was just the beginning.


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Since Sophie's sudden rise to fame, the "Saucy Aussie" (as she's been dubbed) began walkingthe runways all over the world. The way she handles herself both on and off the job earned her high admiration in the modeling community, and even lead to new work in commercial, swimsuit, and glamour print arenas. In 2010, along with gracing both and with her presence, she became the 9th largest Google trend in the world. That is, until people started debating whether or not her plump posterior rivaled that of Kim Kardashian, which spiked her trending number to 2nd. Since moving to Los Angeles, Sophie's career has continued to thrive, leading her to make her way into the acting world as well. However, that still hasn't stopped her from earning her Bachelor of Laws in 2008, as well as continuing her schooling in 2011 to earn her Masters in Entertainment Law at UCLA. 

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