Sophie Reade

Born on June 11, 1989 in Cheshire, England, Sophie Victoria Reade is a glamour model famous for her 30G breasts. She admitted that she has had breast enhancement surgery. As a glamour model, she never told her parents what she does.

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Sophie Reade did her first topless shoot when she was 18. She has posed nude for UK Playboy, Nuts, and Page 3, and she has also appeared at motorbike shows. Her measurements are 36-26-38 and she has a GG cup size. She weighs 117 lbs.


Sophie Reade said she regrets not going to college, and though she makes no claim to being smart, she hates the “blonde bimbo” label. (Even though she claims that failing all her GCESs was her proudest achievement at school). She thinks she would make a good “president” of England because everyone would listen to her. Sophie likes Barack Obama because “his daughters look cute.” She added that she gets “party envy” when checking out her friends’ social lives on Facebook.


She won “Big Brother UK 10”, in 2009 and in order to get onto the show, she changed her name to “Dogface” for the duration of the show. She said of her experience, “It’s opened more doors for me because before I just did modeling and now I’ve done a bit of TV work and I’ve wanted to be in Playboy since I was about 13 so that’s a good thing.”


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Sophie Reade said about going topless, “I don’t mind doing topless work, but I wouldn’t go topless on the beach! I know it sounds weird. If people are looking at a photo of you in a magazine, it’s different from being in the flesh.”


The reported in 2012 that Sophie turned to drugs after being dumped by English soccer player Mario Balotelli. Sophie then sought professional help to fight her depression. She said on Twitter, “Feel so much better to be getting help now, did a lot of stuff I’m not proud of to make myself feel better and makes it worse! Helps to talk.” Turns out, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend.


Sophie said her weaknesses are chocolate. “I’d eat a massive bar in one day,” and she is a comfort eater. “I just love food!”


Sophie Reade dislikes spiders, sand and boring people.


Sophie Reade lives in England.

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