Silvina Luna

Silvina Noelia Luna Stavropulos is an Argentine model and actress, as well as a showgirl and DJ. She is currently participating in the reality show “Celebrity Splash” on Argentine TV. (The show is not without controversy as it left a contestant dead in China.)

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Silvina Luna is a mix of Greek and Italian ancestry.


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Growing up, she knew she always wanted to study theatre, as well as to help her family, which was struggling financially. After she finished high school, she moved to Buenos Aires and worked as a model and secretary. She lived in Miami for a year before returning to Argentina where she appeared on the Argentine version of “Big Brother 2” and became one of the show’s most popular participants.


Silvina Luna has also made a variety of TV appearances in Argentina. Her nickname is Sil.


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In 2002, she underwent plastic surgery to increase her bust size. She underwent surgery again in 2006, this time to decrease it.


Her height is sometimes listed as 5’ 3” or 5’ 5” depending on the source. She has also appeared on the cover of Maxim Argentina and Interviu magazine. She said she would one day like to sing Tango songs. There are rumors that she has dated soccer players.


Silvina Luna resides in Argentina.

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