Sherlyn Chopra

Born on February 11, 1984 to a Muslim mother and a Christian father, Mona Chopra, or as she’s known professionally, Sherlyn Chopra, is an Indian model, singer and actress. She is probably most “notorious” for being the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine. Sherlyn said her mother was never supportive of her decision to enter the entertainment industry. She added, “Just because a girl wears skimpy outfits, it does not mean she is not good at heart,” and she reads the “Word of the Lord” every day.

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Sherlyn Chopra went to Stanley Girls High School and Saint Ann’s College for Women. Sherlyn said she was a bookworm through school and was “perceived as a rather boring person.” But she always wanted to make her mark in the “glam world.” Unfortunately, she was ridiculed. “I was fat then and did not possess the personality that an actress requires.” During college she entered, and won, Miss Andhra, a local beauty pageant. The win set her in motion, and she acted in Bollywood films.


Sherlyn Chopra said she regularly visits the doctor to maintain her figure ( She gets liposuction and avoids oily food.


When asked if she was dating anyone, she said, “I don’t believe in dating, I believe in mating.” According to, she said her photos are so fabulous and perfect that anyone would display it at the museum; “she also says that she has the perfect body and her shape will turn on any guy on this planet” and added, “no man can ever satisfy her.”


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The reported that Sherlyn “revealed that she’d had sex for a price in the past” but no longer has sex for money because of “a shift in her level of consciousness.” She came to realize that “I derive no pleasure or joy out of physical intimacy that is pursued out of obligation…”


Sherlyn Chopra tweeted “Thanks 2 all those who have applauded my choice 2 b free-spirited n 2 do with my life what I please 2 do. I’m answerable 2 no one but myself.”


Her nickname is Angel and she currently lives in India.


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