Shay Maria

Born in April 30, 1990, Alicia Maria Kozlowski, or as she’s known professionally, Shay Maria, is a model and dancer. She described herself as “South-American from Chile and half Irish and German.” Her breasts, she said, are all natural, “all organic fools!” Shay admitted she’s had girls walk up to her and ask her the same question and even if they can get a feel. “I normally allow it, but shhh.” She weighs 110 lbs. and her measurements are 34D-24-35.

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Shay Maria began dancing at the age of four. Prior to high school, she performed at venues, including Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Carnival Cruise Lines. In high school, she attended the Orange County High School of the Performing Arts where she studied all forms of dance, such as ballet, lyrical, modern, tap, jazz and hip-hop.


Shay Maria got into modeling because the industry was “slow at the time and I needed a way to make some mula. Someone told me I have a great face and that I should look into and that’s what I did” ( She added that’s she’s living her dream job. “I still haven’t gone on a world tour yet. That’d be dope!”


Shay has made appearances on “United States of Tara” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” as well as several music videos, including Hilary Duff, Snoop Dogg, Jay Sean and V Factory.


Shay considers herself a tomboy. “I be cussin’ up a storm and most of my friends are guys…but don’t get me wrong. I can be girly, too! I like to get all dressed up for a night on the town.”


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She told the biggest grooming mistake men make is shaving their arms or legs. Shay also finds a scruffy beta guy sexier than a macho alpha guy. When it comes to paying on the first date, Shay Maria would probably pick up the tab. Note to guys, though: don’t ever pick her up in a garbage-strewn beater because she can’t stand smelly things.


Shay said the best compliment she ever received was that “my personality was as beautiful as my surface, if not more beautiful. That guy was so sweet.” Her biggest turn on is “my guy’s gotta be funny and have a cute smile.” Her biggest turnoff is bad breath. Shay thinks it’s okay for men to wear watches, but not much else when it comes to jewelry.


Shay Maria lives in Southern California.



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