Scout Taylor-Compton

Scout Taylor-Compton is an American television and film actress. She is best known for her portrayal as Laurie Strode in the popular horror remake "Halloween" and its subsequent sequels. 

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  • D.O.B. February 21, 1989
  • Age29
  • Hometown Long Beach, California
  • NationalityUSA
  • Current Town Los Angeles, CA
  • Height5' 3"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress, musician
  • Twitter @PoutyScouty
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status Single
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Scout Taylor-Compton (born Desariee Starr Compton) grew up in Long Beach, California. The daughter of a mortician father, she grew up loving horror films. Out of all of them, she preferred those which starred iconic villains such as Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Chucky from the "Child's Play" series of films. Prior to becoming an actress, Scout was quite active in school extracurricular activities, including competitive swimming, volleyball, cheerleading, and gymnastics.


Scout got her acting career off the ground in 1998 by starring in the A.F.I. short film, "A.W.O.L." (although it wasn't released until 2006). In between, she starred in a number of short films, independents, and TV series in order to get her face out there and make a name for herself as an up-and-coming actress. In fact, by 2006, she had even starred in a few feature films, most notably 2004's "13 Going on 30" and "Sleepover." Of course, after being cast as the lead character laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake in 2007, not only had her dreams come true, but she was well on her way to scream queen status.


Along with her work in TV and film, Scout is also a very talented singer, having taken vocal lessons with Diane Gillespie and Vocal Power Institute in 2003. She then went on to attend the Hollywood Pop Academy for additional training. Along with her voice work, she also plays guitar, drums, and keyboard, while working to release a rock/pop album at some point. Although she thoroughly enjoys music, she's stated that it is "just a little talent that I have on the side, and if it does something then I'll do that, but I'm not gonna give up acting."

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