Sasha Jackson

Born on August 1, 1988 in Old Windsor, England, Sasha Jackson is a British actress probably best known for her role on “One Tree Hill.” She described herself on Twitter in 2013 as “If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice. If I feel all-powerful I will try to stop the wind. If I feel my skill is unmatched I will look at the stars.”

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Sasha Jackson has appeared in “Blue Crush 2,” “Happy Endings,” “NCIS,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” and “Children’s Hospital,” among other projects. In 2008, she moved from London to Los Angeles act full-time.


Sasha is a former District Trampolining champion. She also competed in High Board Diving, representing the South of England. Aside from acting, she was the face of Klear Mineral Water based in Dubai, as well as Eston Products. An interesting tidbit is that she is an accomplished belly dancer. Her dream vacation location would be South Africa or Jamaica. She has said, “I’m a blonde with a brain.”


For “Blue Crush 2,” Sasha had never surfed before, but she was “so excited to learn and be taught by some of the most incredible surfers in the world.” To train for the film, she had an intense 3-week boot camp. When asked how she got in shape, Sasha said, “I’ve always been ‘too skinny’ and gained a ton of muscle…but it was surfing. It is the funnest, quickest way to get a toned body.”


She thinks someone is beautiful when “they have an effortless confidence.” And Sasha has days when she doesn’t feel pretty. “I put things in perspective and trust that everything is in its right place, [and am] grateful that I’m healthy.”


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Sasha Jackson said if she wasn’t an actress, “I was always interested in law at school, it was a great outlet to argue but not make anyone angry! Or I’d disappear into the rainforest somewhere, give up everything and look after all the exotic animals” (


Her pop-culture guilty pleasure is “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Friends,” as well as “Sex and the City.” Her favorite sweet is Dreyer’s Dibs Vanilla. And if she could have a superpower, she would choose teleportation. “It’s the only thing I find extremely difficult to deal with living so far away from England. I have a wonderful close relationship with my family. Luckily, Skype makes it easier for us all” (


Sasha Jackson lives in Los Angeles, California.

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