Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a stand-up comedian, writer and actress probably best known for her trademark sarcasm. She’s appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” “Funny or Die,” her own sitcom program on Comedy Central and concert films.

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Sarah Silverman was born and raised in New Hampshire and had three older siblings. Her nickname is Big S. She said, “We weren’t raised with any religion. I didn’t know Jews until I moved to New York.” She said the area she grew up was conservative, “very white white-blonde, very preppy, hoity-toity.”  She said, “I have no religion. But culturally, I can’t escape it; I’m very Jewish.” Apparently, when she was three, her father taught her to swear to make his friends laugh. (


In school, Sarah Silverman used humor to deflect insults about her “monkey legs.” Her parents divorced when she was six, and as a teen she was depressed until she moved to New York. “I swear, the day I moved there, it felt like I was home.” 


She attended New York University and began her career in stand-up in New York. The first time she did stand-up she was 17. “Now I’m 41 and I still fell like I haven’t found myself onstage. Earlier in my career, I was really tight, really together and knew who I was and I was confident. I kind of feel in-between now.”


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She earned national recognition in the 1990’s as a writer and featured player on “Saturday Night Live.” She landed on the show when she was 22 but was almost fired immediately.


In 2005, she released her concert film “Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic.” She later went on to star on Comedy Central’s sitcom “The Sarah Silverman Program” from 2007 to 2010. She has also appeared on “Mr. Show,” “Seinfeld,” “The Larry Sanders Show” and “Something About Mary,” among other projects.


Sarah Silverman told Rolling Stone, “I am the poorest famous person in the world, non-scandal. If there’s an award for that, it would be my award.” She added, “I’m fine. I keep my overhead very low. And I live a super happy, very comfortable life.”


She doesn’t read comments on the Web. “I need to protect myself, because when I’ve done that I’ve found myself trembling, scared that I’m gonna get killed. People on Twitter can be really, really scary.”


She dated Jimmy Kimmel for several years and recently has been romantically linked with Michael Sheen. She has been a vegan since she was ten and doesn’t drink alcohol. Sarah Silverman is single and resides in New York.

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