Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood, Esquire Magazine's Hottest Woman of the Year, first grabbed the spotlight on the national stage when she was featured in a 2005 Playboy pictorial entitled The Girls of the Pac 10, representing her alma mater Oregon State University. "Dressed" in nothing but bikini bottoms and body paint resembling her school's football jersey, Underwood was featured as the cover girl for that October issue. Having auditioned on a whim Underwood has said that she never thought that she was pretty enough for Playboy let alone to be the featured model.

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Her next Appearance in the men's magazine was as Miss July 2006 and then in 2007 Underwood was awarded the title of Playmate of the Year.

OSU, rather than shunning Underwood for her nude appearances, chose to embrace their alumna.

"I am actually taking the classes from Portland." Underwood said of her continued studies in an interview with, "Oregon State has been really great working with me. Being on campus would be a weird thing, all my old friends have graduated and I would rather not walk around campus alone. I posed on the cover with the school Jersey painted on me, so it would be kind of awkward to be on campus. I am also pretty busy, so taking classes from home works out better."

Despite appearing in a handful of movies and television shows such as hosting G4's Attack of the Show and Miss March (2009) Underwood says that she has no interest in pursuing an acting career.

Esquire Magazine recently named Sara Jean Underwood the Hottest Woman of the Year 2012, beating Kate Middleton in the final round of the reader's poll. She credited her fans from AotS for her most recent success telling Esquire, "This is my kind of competition " having my fans vote for me on the Internet. All my fans are Internet people. These are my people."

With her Playboy days behind her Underwood has also turned her attention to the poker table, becoming a professional player and earning a spot on the team after originally modeling for the site. She says that being a pretty girl in a game dominated my male competitors has as many benefits as disadvantages. For every player that wants to keep her around because she's a pretty face at the table there are just as many that think they can bully her with calls and high raises. That tactic, she says, doesn't work very often.

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