Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta is a Dominican model and dancer who has appeared in rap videos such as Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.” She’s also been featured in magazines like Smooth. XXL named her in 2012 the “Hottest Eye Candy of All Time.” 

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Rosa Acosta's measurements are 34D-24-38. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Aside from rap videos, she has appeared on the reality series “Khloe & Lamar.” The artist Jeremih even wrote a song about her entitled “Late Nights.”


Rosa Acosta described herself on Twitter as “Ballet Dancer, Massage Therapist, Elbow Lover, Nippologist, Scar kisser, Shower Opera Singer, Midget hunter and future chef.”


She began taking ballet when she was four. Later, she graduated with honors from the ICA (a dance school in the Dominic Republic) and became part of the Dominican ballet as the youngest solo member in 2002.


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Rosa Acosta began modeling in 2004, appearing in magazines and Dominican television presentations. She moved to the United State in 2006.


In the past, she struggled with anorexia and bulimia. She said, “Today I am at ease with myself and I have learned that to feel loved and accepted is something that needs to start with yourself.”


As for dating, she said, “I’m into fitness, but I don’t require the other person to be fit, as long as you live a healthy lifestyle, I don’t discriminate.” Her biggest turn-ons are a sense of humor, “being well-spoken, confidence.” And the way to turn her off quickly is to use any line that begins with ‘Sup Mama?’


As of an interview with hotnewhiphop, she said she was done with making music videos. And though she still models, her main focus is fitness. She is also working on a fitness line called Body by Rosa Acosta.


Rosa Acosta was pregnant with Rob Kardashian, but she suffered a miscarriage ( She currently resides in the United States.

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