Raychul Moore

Raychul Moore is a freelance video game journalist and cosplayer. She has written for GamePro, EMG, GameZone and Machinima. Her cosplay has been featured on CNN and USA Today, among other outlets. Her measurements are 34C-24-34.

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Raychul Moore described herself on Twitter as “I am a video game addict. I make videos on YouTube and I enjoy prancing around in cosplay costumes. I want to be a Jedi when I grow up.” Ever since her dad brought home an Atari 2600, she has been a gamer since she was five years old; “cosplay is my hobby, gaming is my life.”


A few of her favorite games of all-time include Uncharted 2, BioShock and God of War. Raychul Moore got into gaming journalism “by accident…working in the game industry was never something I thought I could do. Back then, there really wasn’t ‘games press,’ you were either a developer or an animator. That’s it.”


Raychul Moore got into the games gig when she was in college. “EGM ran a little feature on me in their magazine being a chick gamer and all. Purely out of luck, GamePro saw the article and I started writing a few things here and there for them,” (examiner.com). She said being a girl made it easier to break in, but harder in the long run. “It was easy to get noticed, but very hard to be taken seriously.”


As for cosplay, Raychul Moore got into it “to shut my friend up…she wanted me in her group so I rolled my eyes and said fine. Who would’ve known, but I loved it! I always loved dressing up in costumes before and would make up excuses for costume parties and costume photo shoots…my love for cosplay was natural.”


When asked about how women are portrayed in video games, she said, “I have no issues with big-boobied, half-dressed women in video games. In fact, I love it! Gaming is about escaping. It’s about being something I could never be in real life, so taking on a character that has gravity-defying boobs and can fire a machine gun while running in stilettos, I am for it.”


She would also love to make a game. “I would love to team up with BioWare and have a Mass Effect-esque story combined with Dragon’s Age level of interaction.”


Her definition of a hardcore gamers isn’t just someone who plays games, “they live games. They breathe, think and sleep games.”


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Her personal interests include horror movies, Disney World and of course, Star Wars. Raychul Moore is currently single and resides in Los Angeles.

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